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So it takes a lot of time, money and effort and all you get is a single backlink.

List of 10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites

Start with finding a partner or two we have more than a dozen by now who write guest posts on a regular basis. This way, with the same amount of effort and money you can double, triple or even quadruple your guest blogging results. It also simplifies the whole process so you can track the mentions, keywords and urls. Finding backlink opportunities within your article in CoMention.

As I mentioned before, we write a good bunch of guest post every month. Naturally, we get to mention all sorts of websites when supporting our arguments, referring to the information source or simply putting up a list of tools together. These websites are not our partners. In fact, some of them like in the example below are our competitors. Well, once our guest post is published, or, even better, at its writing stage, we reach out to the platforms we are about to mention and ask if they can link to Chanty from their website:.

Reaching out to the guys from a product we are about to add to our guest post. If you are writing guest posts, you should definitely give this strategy a go. He was writing a listicle post for high DA websites and suggested to include your website if you link back to his personal blog. What did it mean for us? The opportunity to get a bunch of backlinks of course.

Looking for HipChat backlinks with Ahrefs. This approach is very similar to the broken links strategy that you can also successfully adopt for your business. If none of your competitors went out of business recently, look for the broken pages those with error of your competitors and give the guys linking back to those a heads up. You can learn more about the broken links strategy in a great post by Ahrefs. Your job is to find those mentions we set up alerts in Ahrefs of your brand and reach out every time you see a mention with no backlink to your product.

HubSpot email asking for a backlink from our website. If this is your case, make sure you have a great piece of content in hand that will add value to the platform you are reaching out to. Our friends at Better Proposals have seen pretty good results with this technique. If you can speak on the topic you are pitching without weeks of preparation for about minutes, podcasts could be a great choice for you. Getting an interview on podcasts is a process very similar to guest blogging.

Just like with guest blogging, you get all sorts of perks like establishing industry expertise, getting referral traffic and increasing brand awareness. The steps you should take are simple:. Every podcast has a description or, sometimes, even a text version of the audio. Then, you are supposed to reach out to the websites backlinking to your competition, astonish them with your outstanding content to the point where they have no choice, but backlink to your post.

#1 The staircase guest blogging strategy

If you answered Yes to all four, chances are Skyscraper link building technique will be a great fit for you. This technique is old as the hills. I link to you, you link to me — simple as that. We get offers for backlink exchange every week. Sounds like a great way to grow your backlink profile, right? Well, I am not too excited about this approach. It gets even worse if you exchange backlinks with the low quality or irrelevant websites.

So the rule of thumb here is not making this technique your priority. Select a few that you feel comfortable with and stick to them. If you are consistent enough you will see your website traffic and conversions if your product is good enough increasing soon. So take advantage of it and maximise your earnings. That concludes the list of 10 test traffic exchange sites. If you know of any reputable site s that should be on the list then feel free to leave the name of the website in the comments section and I will take a look.

Penghasilan Online Lewat EasyHits4u The Best Traffic Exchange

If you are looking for a Legit, Sustainable, Long Term platform to earn passive income for life without recruiting, click here. Email: vincentmbatha simplepassiveincome. Facebook: facebook. A great list of traffic exchange sites.

Traffic Exchange Sites That Pay

Another good tip is to submit landing pages for your products or services encouraging people to take action immediately. This can be more effective than submitting the front page of your website.

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In that way you can follow up with your prospects. I have tried out EasyHits4U and few more traffic exchange sites from the list. But, I was comfortable with EasyHits4u more than any of those sites.

But, if you are planning to earn money out of EasyHits4u, it is a tough task. If the two are related then absolutely. EasyHits4U is a great platform to use for maximum exposure. I was tying to get traffic exchange website and found your informative article.

Preparing for the trip

Its helpful, now I have full list of best websites for it. I am still searching that how much is the possibility to earn from these type of websites because I am planning to develop traffic exchance website. I tested everyone and in my opinion the best is ZJ-Traffic because it is safe, fast and totally free. You got points with your signup right now so you can start to get traffic to your websites or any page you wish! More and more views, means that your site is more likely to appear higher on the search engines results, for your keywords.

More web traffic, means higher website ranking and even more exposure. You can find hosting plans beginning at 5 Dollars per month but your webpage will not have all the ads included with the free hosting. Save the URL for the splash page in an accessible place thus you'll use it in what ever traffic exchanges you join.

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  5. Google search for "traffic exchange" and select the TOP ones in your search. Remember, that for a page to be on the fist 2 to three search webpages they have to be moving a huge amount of traffic and members. Traffic exchanges with additional traffic and users will greatly profit your website or referral program. You will notice several choices to join and the best part is that a lot are free.

    You will also realize two traffic exchange surf choices; Manual Traffic Exchange manual surfing and Auto Traffic Exchange auto surfing. The term; Auto traffic exchange is self explanatory. It's automatic therefore, the member is not required to click or in many cases not even see your pages in any respect, so as to make credits. Register as a free user and be sure to test if there's any validation code emailed to your email so you validate it and activate your membership.

    You will additionally receive joining bonuses, with free credits you'll use to advertise and rotate you webpages.

    Top Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in

    It's vital that you simply save your membership member and password information so, you can remember latter. Surf around your member's page and read any updates, rules or information. Only after you're away from all the program's particulars you may go and submit your splash page or webpage and assign credits. Many traffic exchanges conjointly offer you different advertisement choices as well as; banners and text ads. However, only to use these choices to complement your webpage rotations at the surf page.

    Remember, that your main idea when joining the traffic exchange, was to promote full views of your webpage. Head to the surf page and surf other user's ads or webpages. Be consistent and workout a schedule so you'll surf every week and build up more credits you'll then use to rotate and market your own site.