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Raised in Dagenham, Jacquee embarked on general office work in her teens before landing a job as a secretary at a large multinational company, where she remained for almost two decades, rising to the role of assistant manager. In her first department, she was the only woman among nine men, and as such was routinely belittled.

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At one point she ground her stiletto heel into the foot of a colleague who had accused her of being stupid. In fact, while Jacquee did take maternity leave to have children — Natalie, now 32, and year-old Christopher — she returned to work shortly afterwards, continuing until she was made redundant in the late Nineties. Despite being surrounded by eye-popping sexism, she confesses that there is lots about that time that she misses. You certainly never heard about anyone complaining of stress.

Jacquee did take maternity leave to have children but returned to work shortly afterwards, continuing until she was made redundant in the late Nineties. Raised on a farm in Essex, she went to secretarial college in London before spending the next five years temping, before giving up work in to raise her twin daughters, Kara and Vanessa, now It helped, of course, if you happened to be attractive — as Judi, then a bubbly brunette, undoubtedly was.

There was always a coterie of men who were happy to take you out to lunch. Some would, on occasion, attempt to take things further. She admits that there were occasions when such high-jinks got a little out of control — like the time one of her senior managers stuck his hand up her skirt while she was taking a phone call. In the end I left again.

To be honest I never took work terribly seriously.

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Of course not all women starting out as secretaries in the Seventies were happy with the status quo. She used the money she earned working for a large advertising agency, a law firm, a consultancy and estate agency to pay her way through university. And you were just expected to take it. If you were a young girl in an office environment back then you were fair game. She was, she later learned, the latest in a long line of attempted conquests by her would-be paramour.

Ros, at least, went onto greener pastures: after studying economics at University College London she got a scholarship to Harvard and obtained a PhD at the London School of Economics before embarking on a career in the City. And as the Seventies gave way to the Eighties, times were changing. By changes to the Employment Protection Act deemed sexual harassment to be a form of sexual discrimination — while the advent of new technology in the form of desktop computers started to blur the once clear-cut gender roles in the office.

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Suddenly, as Jacquee recalls, sitting at a keyboard was seen as powerful and progressive, not menial. Suddenly these rather senior men were typing all the day long. It made me laugh actually. When Jacquee was made redundant she shed few tears. This was the end. Rising up, she patted herself down to try and be presentable and stepped to the door. It felt like she was walking to the gallows, that awful feeling in your gut as you know something bad was about to happen. It seemed like an eternity for her to reach that door, as she gently knocked.

Gina entered the office, closing and locking the door behind her. Stepping across the lush carpet, she took her position she'd grown accustomed to.

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Head bowed, hands clasped behind her back, her fingers quivered and her body slightly shook in fear. Silent for her master, and boss. Jimmy stared at her, elbows on his desk, fingers together, forming a prayer-like motion. His fingertips touching the bottom lip.

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It's just I know this may sound silly, but I consider them lucky and looked to take them back! Jimmy could see the anguish in her eyes, and fear upon her face, as well as her slightly trembling body. I would not consider it unreasonable to ask such a request from me. I would not be angry or upset with you, but I cannot condone you entering my office without my permission.

You do understand? I apologize sincerely for my behavior, and I do hope you will give me another chance. I can't lose this job! Don't you agree? Please punish me however you see fit, Sir! Gina remained silent, still in her position. She could feel Jimmy's eyes upon her, as he stepped around back of where she stood. His hot breath seeped upon her neck, as he leaned in and spoke softly into her ear. Gina bit her bottom lip, as she unzipped her skirt.

Sliding her hips side to side, it slipped across her shapely body and dropped to her ankles. Stepping out, she found herself standing there. Her sweet, soft ass cheeks on full display. No panties, as per Rule 1 - no underwear to be worn at all times while in the office. Gina's eyes widened. Many thoughts ran through her mind of what this punishment could be, but judging by the position he was asking her to take, she had a vague idea of what was about to happen.

Gina bent forward, soon finding herself leaning over the desk. Her upper body rested upon the desk, her ass cheeks pressed out. His eyes stared at this young woman's ass.

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He'd seen it before, but not as close up as this. She had such a sweet ass, her cheeks were soft and bouncy.


He licked his lips as his eyes remained transfixed upon her derriere, as if in a trance. Gina remained silent in her position. Then she felt it. The sound echoed within the room. Gina slightly flinched at his touch. She'd had guys slap her ass before, that was during sex when she was riding a hard cock in her wet cunt, or a guy was fucking her doggie style and slapped her ass to add to the excitement.

But she'd never had her ass spanked for being a naughty girl, and she actually began to find it arousing, in a strange way. Jimmy's hand stuck once more, 'SLAP'. This time a little firmer, his palm struck her soft cheeks, causing them to jiggle upon impact. Harder, a firmer smack of his palm upon her soft cheeks.

Gina's body flinched a little more. Gina was beginning to enjoy this punishment, the feel of Jimmy's firm palm striking her soft ass cheeks. It sent a slight throbbing between her thighs, where her pussy was warming to this wonderful sensation she was feeling. Two firmer strikes closer together caused her cheeks to sting a little. Gina breathed a little deeper, feeling the sting in each strike now that caused slight pain, yet, also arousal inside her body.

Gina bit her bottom lip, in anticipation of the next strike. But, she was mistaken. She felt his rough hands caress her soft ass cheeks, almost massaging them to ease the pain away. His hands glided over her soft flesh, giving them a gentle squeeze. One hand slipped along the crack of her ass, rising up to the top, before sliding back down between the mountains. Gina felt his fingers draw towards her warm, wet pussy. Then, his hand slipped across her fleshy mound. His fingers ran across the folds of her lips, feeling the heat of her warm cunt. He quickly found out just how aroused she was, as her juices soaked his fingers.