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Try to save them for right before a boss or other hard fight. Sariel has only one dangerous attack: her knockdown combo. She knocks you down so you can't escape, then finishes the combo with enough damage to down most classes. Dodge the knockdown, have someone else crowd control her off you when you get knocked down, or bring a skill that lets you escape knockdown. However, she's not dangerous outside of that combo, so if you get downed just have someone get you up again. Brangoire is, by a large margin, the hardest fight in the dungeon. He doesn't do much damage by himself, but he summons an endless stream of Living Nightmares.

These translucent spiders will chase after you. If they get close enough to a player, they will pause for a moment and then explode, creating a cloud that poisons anyone who walks through it. The poison will do thousands of damage if allowed to run its course. It's essential to keep moving so that the exploding spiders don't damage you. Every player should use a ranged weapon for this fight so that they have freedom to move, and you should avoid relying on abilities that require you to stand still.

Essentially, every player will be running around the boss with a train of spiders chasing them and exploding behind them, so the challenge is to keep moving while not running in to another player's spiders or the poison clouds the spiders leave behind. Unfortunately, Brangoire will periodically fear characters, preventing them from dodging and often send them running into poison clouds, so a skill that breaks fear or grants invulnerability is very useful, as are skills that cure conditions. If a player is downed then do not attempt to revive them, because staying still for that long will just get you killed with them resurrection skills you can use on the move are fine, and a good idea because the nearest waypoint to this fight is a long way away.

Go Beyond the Pages of The Adventurer’s Guild with Authors Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos:

Thankfully, Brangoire has quite low HP for a boss. Watch out for the pack of Nightmare Hounds after Brangoire. They do high damage and are enough to wipe an unprepared team. They're melee only, so keep them immobilized, crippled, or otherwise distracted. Don't be too proud to run if you lose control of the battle. Cadeyrn is a chance to relax after the string of hard fights earlier. Neither of the remaining two paths have been changed. In the lobby, players will meet up with Lionguard Turma and Caithe.

The Lionguard has a personal beef with the Aetherblades for their attack on Lion's Arch during the Dragon Bash festival, and Caithe is willing to help since Turma's purposes align with hers. She's there to find Scarlet, who has apparently challenged her directly and hinted that she has sensitive information that Caithe wouldn't want others to know.

Darkness Returns

Caithe seems more annoyed by Scarlet than concerned with having her secrets exposed; her aim is to find out where -- or who -- Scarlet might be getting those secrets from. Breaking into Scarlet's base necessitates first battling past a few of Twilight Arbor's natural defenses, such as husks, jungle wurms and Nightmare hounds. The first indication of the Aetherpath's difficulty increase may be how easy it is to pick up adds mid-fight, so good positioning and careful pulling will probably pay off.

Initially, the path looks very much like the standard TA runs -- you'll know you've found the right place when a hologram of Scarlet appears to exult over the arrival of her "guest of honor. As though summoned by Caithe's cold dissing of Scarlet's defenses, though, two of the mad engineer's lieutenants show up to lay literal waste to the next room: a barrel-chested Norn with a fondness for toxic oil and an Asuran mech driver who likes setting things on fire.

This combination is predictably volatile, and the walls of flame they create set the stage for the dungeon's first collaborative puzzle. A gate at the end of the room will let you escape the conflagration, but you'll need to lead two oozes safely to the gears that operate it to get it open. If this doesn't sound easy because when have oozes ever done what you wanted them to?

The oozes have to be guarded as they make their way through the fiery gauntlet; both of them need to reach the end at roughly the same time, and they'll respawn at the beginning if downed. Further complicating things is the need to lead oozes to the desired destination using ooze pheromone, which can be obtained from plants in the puzzle room. A player with the pheromone will be given a little ooze-shaped heart icon over their head, and their slimy new best friend will bounce along after them until it wears off.

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This looks adorable at first glance, but unfortunately our preliminary research has revealed that oozes display affection by totally trying to kill you if they get within melee range. Love hurts. Once you've slimed the gate open, Scarlet's security system will focus on your group as the primary threat, allowing Caithe to slip off into the shadows and work parallel to you.

We're going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she's not really sneaking into story mode to have tragic, tension-laden shouting matches with Faolain. Partners in grime In the next area you'll find the Aetherblades razing sections of Twilight Arbor for their own purposes. From this point the Aetherblades will be your primary foes, and they're a lot less lax in their security than they were under Mai Trin in the Aetherblade Retreat dungeon: Scarlet may seem quirky, but as she hints in the dialogue for her invasion events , she commands her forces through fear.

This is the third adventure of the Swords Below the Moonsea saga. Apr 08, The mind flayer is suspected to be Klondrus Imdree which has been presumed dead for quite sometime but is he?

The call has come out for heroes to investigate and see what can be learned by his appearance. Mar 05, A hunt for a mad illithid has brought startling and dire news to the Emerald Enclave and the Harpers. The call has gone out for heroes to follow on the trail of Klondros Imdree as he seeks a book of terrible power, and to stop him once and for all. Heroes are called on to go after the mad mindflayer and to stop him at all costs. This listing will be updated with a link when Joel publishes his module. While players do not need to play through Illithid Activity, I of course recommend picking that module up for your Tier 2 players!

Nov 20, Cargo ships are being dashed against the rocks west of Hulburg, lured off course by a mysterious light. Is this the work of ordinary thieves, or are more nefarious forces at work? Accused of impersonation and kidnapping, a pair of old sisters have found refuge in Abermoor. In their wake, they have left a trail of blood, and are pursued by a bounty hunter. Hired for their expertise, the adventurers have joined the pursuit. Torrential rains and blustering winds drive the party into a cursed hamlet, resting in the eye of the storm.

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A mesmerizing void, mutated creatures, and the very ground could swallow the party, forever trapping them—unless they can escape. This adventure can easily be run as theater-of-the-mind, although a map and 7 illustrations are provided for those who work best with visuals. Dec 17, A haven and home for the displaced and orphaned of the Moonsea. However, strange events threaten to close the school. Can you find the cause, and aid the school? Nov 26, Festival bells cut loud through the air! Adventurers are gathering to celebrate the Wild Monster Capture Festival.

Tame wild monsters, team up with them in honorable combat, and you could win not only gold, but fame and renown! The spirit of the festival is about to get disrupted, however, and you must prepare for trouble…. A persistent ghost has been spotted in Phlan, flitting from building to building.


The residents say that it stands in front of the Laughing Goblin every night, eyes wide and full of terror. If approached, it screams and disappears. It sports some familiar faces, some new faces, and plenty of opportunity for characters to roleplay their way to crazy greatness — in fact, the adventure is deeply rooted in another piece of pop culture that should become apparent as the adventure unfolds! Aug 13, As winter releases its grip on the region surrounding the town of Phlan, secrets are revealed within Glumpen Swamp.

Strange landscapes and sigils have been found beneath the mud, and the wildlife around the swamp has become greatly agitated. At times a spectral figure can be seen in the distance, only to disappear upon approach. Can you discover what is happening in the muck and gloom? He seeks adventurers to resolve issues at one of his farms, in his iron mine, and at his beloved inn. Can the party help Geoffrey and prevent him from losing his seat on the Merchant Council of Hulburg?

Lord Geoffrey of the Smiths has learned that a former comrade and fellow adventurer has taken his family heirloom and believes that this is the reason for his recent string of misfortune. He seeks adventurers to track down the Winged Panther and recover what was lost in order to break his supposed curse.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

Can the party track down this elusive thief and convince her return that which was taken? Jun 18, In exchange for the information, she asks you to find a painting called Dawnsight. An easy task if you can withstand the haunted memories surrounding the painting. Oct 28, The Mordell family has been on the decline for years.

BEYOND THE PAGES: The Adventurer’s Guild: Twilight of the Elves

The family has reached out to their contacts one last time for help ridding the family of a generational curse. This is an adventure with four story arcs through a single dungeon and can be completed with or without combat as needed. Jul 03, With the liberation of Phlan, refugees from the city have been invited back to start their lives anew. But trouble strikes when one family of refugees goes missing while on the road to Phlan. The new Chancellor seeks answers.

Will the adventurers find out what happened to the missing refugees or will they be lost forever? Jul 05, Can the characters save some of the travelers and uncover the mastermind of this evil operation? Only a delve into the Underdark will tell. The characters reach the lair of an elder brain and must make their way through its minions to recover the refugees.

May be able to get most the refugees out without facing the elder brain. But leaving the menace alive may have consequences too dire to ignore. Sep 09, Faction agents have braved the Glacier of the White Worm and arrived at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, only to be denied entry.

Shadow of the Colossus - All 79 Relic (Coin) Locations, Secret Underground Area and Sword of Dormin

It's up to you and your companions to secure their entry, but it's sure to be a wild ride. Oct 09, The secluded settlement of Sunboughs has enjoyed prosperity within the Moonsea for centuries. A trade agreement is threatened when a fierce enemy strikes, seeking to destroy the elves and thwart their time-honored agreement!

Who will come to their aid? A four-hour adventure for first through fourth level characters. The Blades are forced to intervene, withholding a coveted cargo from The Zors. The Hawks have a risky proposition for adventurers that will send them above, through and below the streets of The City of Danger.