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In their Graz concert, the trio completely reduces their tempo, but their music is still distinct by its high grade of interaction and carries away like a stream. In this way, the musical floating becomes very dense. Everything is perceivable in great detail, without losing ground because of hidden secrets.

Reduction serves as a principle, but very tempting, and apparently without any efforts Bassist Wilber Morris acts more like a gatekeeper than a leader. The veteran bassist lets Borgmann out of the pen to run free, blowing as urgently as a hurricane. He secures the low end with a tone both buttery-smooth and molasses-thick as Nicholson beats an appropriately mighty "boom swing".

So, there you have it: Three highly individualistic players engaging in a three-way musical version of "My Dinner with Andre". As I closed my eyes while the trio played I felt transported into the realm of mysterious dreams. What a poetically beutiful gift. After experiencing your set I felt spiritually renewed. Thank You Remember the last time you had a three-way call with two good friends at one time? Phrases overlapped, there were few quiet moments, but it all made sense in the context of your conversation. What started as instrument tuning transformed into a beautiful hourlong set, with each musician telling his personal story with his instrument Kevin Jordan.

Doch wenige Tage vorher verstarb der Schlagzeuger.

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Hymnisch steigerte sich das Spiel, fand heraus aus dem Dschungel in die Kirche - intensiviert in einem Gospelthema. Er repetiert und variiert das Material, treibt Motive vor sich her, parzelliert sie in Einzelteile mit ebensoviel klanglicher Lust wie Intelligenz. Right now, several renowned jazz-musicians are drawn to the land of origin of jazz. Many give a try in Chicago.

Saxophonist Thomas Borgmann, however, has worked on his reputation on demanding New York stages over the last years. And right now, Thomas Borgmann is touring Europe with the two of them. We are really lucky that this extraordinary trio could also be booked for a gig at the Jubez. The result is dense facination and asking too much of many a feet trying to keep time.

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A blurred, brushed solo. A dashing, deep bass groove, wise drum fills. Compared to this, even hot bebop reminds only of the calm before the storm. There are people who feel nothing for music. Others are starved of concerts like this and as soon as time has come, they break out with joy and give the hand of a big hall. Noises and sounds have a tender change to get together and create a gentle tune.

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Morris uses his dark strings to introduce harmonies, a rhythm develops out of blurred brushing and stirring, the saxophone flashes into dark of creation: three soloists become a trio, a composition. What is free jazz? Or - to put it differently - is it free jazz that the trio is playing? On the contrary - free jazz is much more about structures or at least knowing them , even if they are not straight away recognizable and audible.

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So what are Morris, Nicholson and Borgmann doing? They take their freedom!

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The second piece of the night: a two-bar theme for bass, a little riff bopping off the stage. You might think so at first. The bass - extremely hard, uncentered, amplified, points the way. And then - never-ending listening until the echo fades out. And in her own way, she is certainly right. After the interval: rhythmic reduction to a one-bar something. Is it funk?

Yes, but still no. Is it going to be blues? The jazz played by these three musicians is a special kind of free jazz: you can perceive it as an elegy, a hymn or as poetry - the basic pattern remains the same, and in its repetitions, it achieves the rolling intensity of trance-like meditation. A reason for this might be the share of ethno sounds in the music of the trio. It is not hard to disclose the elements of blues and bop, to hear varied traces of musical styles coming up and disappearing again. The three free jazz musicians followed the organic development of their pieces on Saturday night, they watched them grow and made them shatter if they pleased.

The audience at the club in Weikersheim has hardly ever been more fascinated. They were stuck to their seats, almost motionless, in pure fascination and you had to take a close look to identify a wiggling foot or a tenderly rocking head. I get my most wanted eBook. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you.

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