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Since , he has worked as a judge for the Superior Court of Medellin. He belongs to the Mazatec Nation. His poetry is rooted in the Mazatec oral tradition, where its memory has delved to find new ways to literature. He has published two books of poetry: Tatsjejin nga kjaboya No es eternal la muerte and Ngata'ara Stsehe Que siga lloviendo.

A poet of the Wayuu Nation in northern Colombia, he did not go to college. Rather, he dedicated his life and his poetry to the discovery of his roots and the search for a dialogue between the rich Amerindian tradition and modern society. Although people he knew insisted that he stay in the city, he decided to return to his native land ten years later. Born in He is a poet, translator, writer, novelist, essayist, playwright and lecturer.

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He has published poems, stories, aphorisms, reviews and essays in various magazines, websites, newspapers and anthologies. Exilio de la lluvia poemas txtcarmina. She is an actress and poet. Poetic Anthology, ; Mouth Seeking Mouth. Poets born after , He is a poet, journalist, film critic and university professor, Master in Urban Economics.

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He published his first poems in in the anthology "One x One. Nine Young Poets", Editorial Nascimento. In he published his first book of poems: Courtyard of Light.

HAIKU: Il Fiore della Poesia Giapponese

He is currently working on writing his book Extinction Zone. Despite his humble achievements Farrell remains for the most part self published. She is a poet, storyteller, novelist, editor, essayist and university professor of Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Utah, where he also directs the Utah Symposium on Science and Literature. According to James McClintock "The Earth Is Not Flat captures the essence of Antarctica through its wonderful depictions of myriad forms of ice, rich diversity of sea life, and the people that carve out a life of science upon its shores.

Collectively, the poems paint a poignant and prophetic story—not only of the raw and challenging beauty of this remarkable place—but of the interdependence of ice and life in a rapidly changing environment. He also published novels Fire Season, and the Measurable World, He is a poet and co-founder of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin. He graduated as a mathematician of the National University of Colombia. His poems have been published in various magazines, both local and international.

He has also published in various websites in the world. Currently he edits the poetry blog Meridiano 75 and blog El ombligo del pez. He is a poet, musician, essayist and translator. He also studied Italian and Dutch language. He has participated in poetry festivals in several continents. In his own words: "A being begins to write poetry, to live in poetry, long before he begins to talk; poetry is the natural condition of existence, and that's such a simple, basic question, which is not taken into account and often results in diseases and dysfunctions in culture.

I think no one realizes that many problems of existence are produced by the little attention paid to the place poetic thought has within the human being and, finally, poetry is seen as a literary genre, which is the worst of mistakes". His texts have been published in Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, in university cultural magazines; and in Anthologies of Writer's in the Indigenous Languages of America. Foto: www. He is a poet, novelist, short story teller, essayist, lecturer, editor, literary critic, translator and university professor. He has won awards for his fiction, essays and especially for his poetry.

He has lectured in Europe and America on contemporary Cuban literature, trends, movements and authors. She has published the books of poetry: Obsidianna, ; and The Loneliness of the Hourglasses, Some of her poems have been translated into Italian, English and Romanian.

About her poetry, Peruvian poet Johnny Barbieri says: "Her insertion into the depths of being, seems to reveal an idealization of the essence. This perspective makes us dwell, one way or another, in the most honest poetry". Poemas Annafranciscarodasiglesias-tuti. He is a poet and cofounder of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin. He belongs to the Editorial Board of the Prometeo Magazine. He has also taught numerous workshops and poetic appreciation of contemporary poetry.

America has renewed the world literature; the poetry of our continent is balm of images, narratives, visual arts, drama. We have staged what we know how to do: create. Blog La Convencion Entrevista Alpialdelapalabra. He is a poet and journalist. He studied Hispanic Literature.

He is also professor at the University of Cartagena. He has won the national poetry contests at several universities, among them: U. In the words of Ignacio Ramirez: "Winston Morales is an universal citizen of Huila and creator of a country where everyone, starting with those who carry towels and rifles on their shoulders, should go to live, because there, as in the musical world of Macondo, we feel the urge to sing "when words become aware of non-being before the invisible presence of many spectra".

Poemas Eldigoras. She is a poet, short story writer and screenwriter. She published the book Omens of Wind in She has participated in the workshops of the Medellin International Poetry School as well as in other writing workshops of her city. Sitio Web Linaplen6. He is a poet and journalist, considered "one of the essential voices of the current Bolivian poetry. His poems are included in Bolivian and international anthologies. Since he has been invited to meetings, festivals and poetry readings in various countries and cities of America and Europe. He teaches poetry workshops and creative writing in his country and other nations.

He is a columnist in Bolivian newspapers and a contributor to international journals. He also has books published in other genres and edited a history of Bolivian culture of the twentieth century, awarded as Best Book in Bolivia in Among other awards, he received the Medal of Cultural Merit of the Bolivian state. Articulos y poemas Circulodepoesia. She belongs to the Wayuu Nation. Co-founder of the Dream catcher Foundation, creator and coordinator of Poetry in the Park and Poetry in the Neighborhood. Larry J. He graduated of Art History at the University of Havana.

Bio-bibliographical Information about Invited Poets: 25 Medellin International Poetry Festival.

He is a poet and video-poet. Bachelor of Education. He received a grant from the Pablo Neruda Foundation in He has participated in national and international poetry gatherings. Tecnopacha Zignos Editorial and Intervened Tecnopacha, He has won several prizes in various competitions Gabriela Mistral Floral Games He is the Coordinator of the Latin American gathering Poetic Decentralization, and directs the Andesgraund publishing house and its poetry schools.

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He teaches poetry courses in different parts of Chile. He is a poet, journalist, editor and professor in the UPS, Guayaquil. He is the author of 20 books of poetry, short stories, novels, interviews and essays in prestigious publishing houses in Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Peru and Ecuador. He is one of the founders of the cultural group Buseta de Papel. Archivos de autor Letras. In the same year she obtained the Fellowship of literary creation within the framework of national stimulus program of the Colombian Ministry of Culture, Artistic Residences Colombia - Mexico.

Le Date e la Memoria: 63 poesie e 1 aiku (Poesia) (Italian Edition)

She is a poet and storyteller. Currently she is conducting her doctoral studies in Literature at the University of Antioquia. She has coordinated creative writing workshops and reading clubs throughout the last two years.

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  8. Her poems have been translated into English and Portuguese. Poemas Artepoetica. He is a poet and professor of Literature. He is coordinator of the Literary Conversation of Fredonia. She is a poet, storyteller, essayist and editor. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Havana. She is also a philologist and editor. Her writing takes imbued between the pubic and public, morphing between air and moist, plants and reinforced concrete. Stress the body and language.


    Fascination for transgressions and displacements, in any type of rotating portent swings, trams, roundabouts, stars, rowing small boats, bicycles. She wears a piercing and an armadillo on the forearm. She is a poet and lawyer. She entered the poetry motivated by early literary gatherings where her mother's family intervened. She was included in the Anthology of young poetry of Medellin, published in the Magazine Prometeo Poemas Revista Prometeo 90 Facebook Festivalpoesiamedellin. She writes poetry since age 17, when she knew the work of poets like Fernando Pessoa, Porfirio Barba Jacob, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Vicente Huidobro, Alejandra Pizarnik, and other poets who inspired her to find a space in the written word. She studied theater, also several semesters of philosophy at the University of Antioquia and is currently studying Translation at the same university. She has been a singer for 10 years and has traveled doing street music in different villages of Antioquia and in some Colombian cities. She has published her poems in several editions of the magazine Ouroboros of the village of San Cristobal, participating in different events with readings and musical performances.