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Feel free to top these with whatever your heart desires, but I decided to go with these 2 flavour options:.

VIDEO: Potato selling inspires a deep passion

Other other tasty topping options: salsa, hummus, crumbled tempeh bacon, leftover chili, and vegan parmesan. They also make a quick and easy finger-food dinner! Prep 20 mins. Cook 15 mins. Total 35 mins. Author Brittany at ilovevegan.

Thin-skinned with firm flesh and a unique flavour, their elongated shape makes them perfect for mini baked potatoes! Customize them with your favourite toppings or follow our directions for "Tex-Mex" or "Loaded" two bite baked potatoes. They're quick, easy, and simply delicious! Courses Side dish, appetizer. Cuisine Vegan. Good news!

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All opinions are my own. That is an amazing thought using little potatoes! Herb roasted veggies have been a main stay in our household.

These little potatoes are going to make our delicious dinners even better, and a whole lot faster to prepare. Love the red and white potato combo in the picture.

Thanks for introducing this product to us! Gorgeous photos! I am in love with ur photos, Brittany. I am not vegan, per se… But my preference always been vegan food. What is the correct way to rank these chips?

“Spud” Murphy and old Joe Geary, a man and his horse, the greatest and purest love

Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details. After 30 years, the fourth generation of Toners is taking up the family business, led by Jessica — the first female farmer in her branch of the Toner family.

AnnaMaya Heroes: The Himalayan Rock Salt revived with Love and Passion

Today Jessica manages Toner Farms with her cousin Luke, fulfilling a dream her younger self never thought to have. Jessica rebelled against her farming roots but soon came to realize there was something missing from her life — passion for her work, the same passion her dad had for farming.

He told me that I should head home, try it, and see if I liked it.

VIDEO: Potato selling inspires a deep passion | Bendigo Advertiser

Not only did she like it, she absolutely loved it. These days female farmers are on the rise, and little girls in school can see them as a role model. Loving it will get you up in the morning, will push you beyond your limits.