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Although previously linked to Peggy, Garry Plotter falls for the Ninja O's cereal company heiress who begins her education at the fifth year. Daphne studies a mysterious ninja style called the "Way of the [ Book: Pirates of the Danube by David J. Schmidt "Pirates of the Danube" comes riding into town on the sticky, dubiously-stained coattails of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series, offering a prophetic, satirical look at how low our standards have sunk.

Readers of [ Cummings Just sit right back and you'll squeeze a tail The year is The place: somewhere far out to sea in the Pacific.

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Following a wild and sexy mishap aboard the Trump family yacht, year-old Donald Trump now finds himself stranded on an uncharted tropical island which just happens to be inhabited by seven stranded castaways who would like nothing more than for him to get stranded elsewhere. Toad's Wild Ride. They all chase each other around the pages and into the dizzyingly dystopian world of Batman and Robin in [ Book: Waste Not by Rhonda Parrish Although completely discordant on the surface, zombies and comedy complement one another immensely and have a long history of doing so.

This collection of three funny zombie stories nods to that tradition and continues it.

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Waste Not - The coming of zombies forces humankind back to the land, to a simple lifestyle where 'Waste Not, Want Not' becomes more than a motto, it becomes the key to [ Book: Parody of a Screenplay by Morgan McFinn An amusing satire of the far too many people these days who write books that are meant to be made into movies. There's an old expression, "If you can't beat them, join them". It never much appealed to me. Sounds a wee bit too compromising. Some, perhaps, may consider this a shortcoming of mine, but I've never been particularly conciliatory by nature.

I'm competitive. A nasty word these days, but [ Strandburg Clarence Flannery was luckier than most men his age to discover his life's ambition, particularly in the unpredictable years just following the Civil War. Born with an unmatched skill to play pool, he left his home in Kansas when he turned twenty-six and traveled throughout the Southwestern United States to make his mark as a legendary pool hustler, with every intention of amassing a fortune in [ Book: The Sorrows of Young Mike by John Zelazny "'The Sorrows of Young Mike' is a deeply human story that explores one man's struggle to find balance between his intellect and his libido, his compassion and his selfishness.

During his four-month voyage around the planet, Mike's past [ Book: Coinman - An Untold Conspiracy by Pawan Mishra Coinman is one of life's victims, the receiver of subtle bullying in an office environment and thinly disguised control in his own home, but remains true to his desire to be polite and accepting of how he is treated by everyone. Then an incident at work changes all that. Huffington Post: One of the best literary fiction books of Independently Published.

Book: Deific Dozen by Brian Orlowski It has long been suspected that aliens have watched over us, interacted with us, and even tinkered with our nether regions. But until now, no one was brave enough to bring forth the truth about the connection between modern religion and aliens from another galaxy! Was Jesus given secret information from travelers from outer space? Were most of the major discoveries throughout history, like the [ Donald, nicknamed Donkey, is an internet Quixote, bent on doing good works.

Don has left behind his incessant self-education and Suzie has turned the corner of her illness.

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Their new life is parked on the [ Meet Pig, a humble gong farmer who dreams of the glories of Camelot. Her dreams become reality-or so she thinks-when she becomes Sir Kay's page.

What starts off as a joke soon becomes the adventure of Pig's life when Merlin sends the knights on a quest for the Holy Gift [ When he suddenly finds himself being interviewed for a position he hasn't even applied for, he assumes his luck has changed. Or has it? This darkly humorous tale Follows our unfortunate job seeker as he finds himself with little choice but to accept a new career, working for some very dubious [ In response to a number of requests Endaxi Press [ Book: The expected demise of Bernard Fish by Ed Halliday A very unique and comical view of life, death and all that comes after it.

This very darkly humorous but strangely heart warming tale follows the unremarkable Bernard Fish as he learns that living is far less simple than he thought. He also discovers that being dead is more exciting than he could ever have imagined, not that he has ever had much of an imagination. Betrayal, greed, love and lust [ But don't rely on fuzzy, half-remembered trivia from freshman biology.

I heard about your site from the recent story on NPR's Saturday morning show!

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This one's easy: Miss Suzy by Miriam Young epub. Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood St. Outlaws of Sherwood Street www. I am enjoying rereading it very much.

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The front of the book had the main characters looking into the depths of a small pond. In the gardens or woods near by was a pond that when they looked into water, they saw the reflection of a beautiful woman The Comic Book Mystery Boxcar read for free eagleoutsourcing. What will keep you going: The cross-dressing Irish-American "Dr. Matthew-Mighty-grain-of-salt-Dante O'Connor," who, when not wandering Paris, drinking heavily, or dressing in nighties, rouge, and wigs of cascading golden curls, is expounding great rambling sermons that fill most of the book ref.

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I don't remember exactly why they kept her isolated. I think she may have been deaf, but basically she has no experience with doing normal things , e. Skeleton Man Skeleton Man. A new physics teacher and a plumber who works at the school are both in the pay of foreign spies, and try to escape with a lot of information about the nearby military installation , e. Rage Of Fire Turtleback read pdf eagleoutsourcing. Betty Antoncich, Mystery of the Chinatown Pearls.

I only had to read 3 pages of this book to KNOW that it was it! I would love to find a copy for my collection. The story is set in Boulder, Colorado where the author lives, and contains lots of good local information , source: Daylight Robbery download online download online.

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I am not positive that this is the right book, but the part about the deserted cottage is correct, and I believe I remember a room lined with shells. Julie Edwards aka actress Julie Andrews , Mandy. This is of course Mandy, by the actress Julie Andrews writing under her pen name ref. I remember the names of most of my favourite children's books but not this one.


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I've asked my elementary school librarian but he couldn't remember it either. I have tried on occasion to see if children's librarians could identify these books, but to no avail. Please mail any information you might have to me at mike mikegrost. Clicking here will bring up mail.