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No Warranty 3. Unspecified Length Condition see all Condition. New Used Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. North America. The technique is called "putting two cats in a bag together" and apparently it involves getting information from kidnappers by throwing them into the trunk of your car, driving them around, and taunting them with hamburgers.

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You think I'm joking, but if you saw this episode you know that I'm not. My point is that there was something downright wacky about Person of Interest last night. It didn't help that we keep seeing more and more of Reese's corrupt cop friend Fozzie Bear. The guy has two facial expressions: constipated cop and sweaty cop.

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Sometimes he combines them. Given that we have the awesome non-corrupt cop Carter in the show, why exactly do we need Fozzie at all? I think last week we were supposed to feel sorry for him because gangsters were threatening his son. But this week we already had Judge with a threatened son, so Fozzie seemed kind of extraneous.

Ultimately, with very little help from the surveillance state, the international Polish criminal cats came out of the bag and told Reese where Judge's son was being held. In a daring rescue, entirely unaided by technology, Reese punched some people and saved the judge and his son.

Then he tied up all the bad guys, and let Fozzie and Carter find them. International crime ring busted! Cue zany sitcom music. This show is amusing to watch when it's not dealing with arc issues, but it's not particularly interesting. Not to mention, he pulls much of the horror from his own life and upbringing. The Prince of Tides might be the grandfather of family dramas.

Yet, her entire family survived. Author Interview. Plot Summary: Lillian, a scholarship kid, and Madison, an heiress, become friends at their Tennessee boarding school. Years later, Madison is married to a U.

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But, the stepchildren catch fire when they get upset and Senator Roberts is gunning for higher office. This book seamlessly combines dark humor with warmth into brain candy that has sass and heart. A sweet, but not eye-rollingly saccharine story. Plot Summary: The Foxman family gathers upon the death of their father to sit Shiva for seven days. I learned a ton about life behind the Iron Curtain and the gut-wrenching fear and oppression the East Germans faced.

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My Thoughts: Wild Game is an incredible, yet sad and disturbing story and I flew through it in two days 5 stars! What are your favorite family dramas? Pin this post…. Great list! I agree about all the family drama books this year. Oh interesting!

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Great list, Sarah! What a great list! Saints for All Occasions by J. Courtney Sullivan is another author on my backlist TBR list! Occasions or Engagement?

Lost my comment Fascinating list! Well done! I loved and reviewed Woman is no Man.