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Alie Guico. Our Fundamentals classes are designed to give home cooks a solid foundation of skills for everyday cooking and baking.

Cooking Fundamentals - CPE

They will build your confidence, equip you with techniques, and provide you with abundant inspiration in the kitchen. Anyone looking to gain confidence and intuition in the kitchen needs to learn some basic skills and techniques. Cooking Fundamentals Part I, the first half of our flagship week course, is aimed at the novice cook.

The toolkit you develop over the course of this series will help you understand the basics of how and why things work in the kitchen, how to make food with balanced flavors and proper seasoning, and how to execute a basic set of fundamentals skills. Once you complete the series, you can graduate to Fundamentals Two where your focus will dive much deeper into the next level of kitchen skills.

Please note: We do not allow makeups for missed classes. If you cannot join us for one or more of the class meetup dates for your series, you may send someone in your place and we will provide you with any missed class material.

Seasoning food and balancing flavors is an art. We will practice it many times, starting with how to properly use salt. Identifying herbs and spices, and knowing when to use them always makes your cooking game stronger. Now that you are familiar with proper seasoning with salt and spices, we will practice by preparing homemade stocks and creating delicious soups.

With homemade stocks in your pantry, your meals are fast and flavorful. Menu includes: Our take on from-scratch Hummus varieties, Chicken Stocks, a variety of Seasonal Soups, Lyonnaise Salad topped with a perfect poached egg and bakery-worthy Chocolate Mousse. Braising and Stewing let you take tougher cuts of meat and cook them until they are melt-in-your-mouth tender.

You will also start some simple baking lessons with light, fluffy biscuits, and your new go-to basic butter cake. The average duration of our cooking classes is 4 hours, and they are broken down into three segments: Introductory lecture or demo, hands-on cooking, and eating. The class will begin with a short discussion or demo from your instructor. After, you can expect to work either on a team or individually to prepare the class menu.

As a group, your class will prepare the selected menu in its entirety. In most classes, not every student will make every dish. Learning happens throughout the class, and your instructor will often call out key techniques as they happen in each recipe. You will leave with a copy of the recipe packet and a working knowledge of every dish that was made so you can recreate them at home.

You do not need to bring anything with you to class, unless otherwise noted in the class description. The kitchens at SFCS are fully equipped and aprons, recipes, equipment, food and wine are all provided for you.

Quick Bread Basics

In most classes, you will be sitting down to eat a complete meal that you have prepared along with your classmates. Since this typically occurs towards the end of the class period, an appetizer or small plate is usually prepared early on in class. Long hair should be pulled back. Please notify us if a friend will be taking your spot.

Unfortunately, due to the small size of our classes, we do not offer make-up classes for missed sessions in a series. Have you […]. The Pastry Fundamentals series will teach you a set of dessert-based recipes, each one with the ability to become many […].

Culinary Boot Camp Day 1 - F is for Flavor - Stella Culinary School

After spending almost 20 years leading travelers all over the world and exploring delicious and exotic cuisines, Patty decided to pursue her passion for cooking. Patty trained at the highly rated Italian restaurant, Perbacco, in San Francisco where she learned first-hand the intricacies and complexities of food preparation, presentation, and service.

A graduate of San Francisco Cooking School and Francophile who knows how recipes work, Eric is a freelance recipe tester, developer, and food stylist. David believes cooking is about bringing people together to have a good and delicious time.

What You'll Learn

Growing up in the Bay Area, Kirsten was exposed to an extraordinary array of foods. This early exposure instilled in her a great curiosity and passion for regional cuisines. Alie is an alum of the professional culinary program at San Francisco Cooking School. Ages 9 - 12 Years Teens. Joy of Cooking: Edition…. See All Formats. How to Cook…. You Suck at Cooking: The…. Add to Wishlist. Joy of Cooking: 75th….

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Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

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Recommended Tools and Resources

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The Why of Cooking

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