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Knowledge based Economy: What do we learn from the legacy of Chief Nelson Oyesiku (Nelson I)?

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Werrill's admission of a deep depression as he searches for his true SELF. Vitabu Pepe vinavyofanana na hiki. Godwin Sadoh. Samuel Akpabots life tells a unique story of an incredible and fascinating journey encompassing over six decades.

Nigerian Christmas Music: "Polongo Jesu" by Ayo Oluranti

The life, music, and scholarly effervescence of Samuel Akpabot are indeed an epitome of intercultural musicology. The odyssey reveals a motion through a tri-cultural enclave in Africa, England, and the United States.

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  4. The fundamental seed sown into the young Akpabot at Kings College and the Cathedral Church of Christ Choir, Lagos, ultimately blossomed into full Professorship at the University of Uyo and international stardom. His creative experience attests to the squirm that the first and second generation of Nigerian composers had to contend with to create indigenous African art music.

    He was a classical and dance band pianist, organist, xylophonist, vibraphonist, trumpeter, drummer, composer, ethnomusicologist, African musicologist, intercultural musicologist, poet, Professor of music, conductor, broadcaster, and sports writer. Hardcover Language of Text: Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: Sponsored products for you. Your Mobile number has been verified! With this sonorous voice, he always leaves an impeccable and memorable impression on his ardent afi cionados.

    He has performed before the cream of Nigerian society, African nations, dignitaries, and indeed, the Royal Family in Great Britain. Oyesiku is a professionally trained classical bass singer, choral conductor extraordinaire, music educator, erudite scholar, concert promoter, concert manager, concert connoisseur, and broadcaster. From a period that spanned to , Oyesiku single-handedly directed four magnifi cent choirs: He trained these choirs to perform at a very enviable lofty standard that always leaves their audiences screaming for encore at the end of every concert.

    Their performances were consistently eclectic, electrifying, emotive, joyful, impeccable, crisp, energetic, fl awless, and intercultural. This book succinctly introduces musicians and enthusiasts to the performance of classical music in Nigeria through the life and stunning career of Christopher Oyesiku.

    His repertoire, bass solo recitals, and choral performances are indeed the epitome of art music concerts in the country. In this book, we can see how art music is taught and learned, organized, directed, performed, promoted, managed, disseminated, patronized, and preserved by the elitist group in modern day Nigeria. In other words, the Christopher Oyesiku concerts are representative of art music decorum in Nigeria, with particular emphasis on the performance practices, and a mirror through which one could examine the ethos of this brand of music in twenty-fi rst century Nigeria.

    Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.