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Bullying typically involves others besides the tormentor and his or her target, and numerous peers are often aware of the bullying, and they must choose how to respond. The choice comes down to playing one of three roles: perpetrator, bystander, or upstander.

Furthermore, in situations in which a group of students is bullying a child, bystanders may actively join in by taunting, teasing, or ostracizing the victim. Teachers are often surprised when they see a group of otherwise-friendly children egging on a bully or engaging in bullying behaviors themselves. One explanation for why bystanders may cross the line to help bullies is that, as part of a group, bystanders may feel less accountable for their individual actions.

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Holding upstanders accountable for their behavior in bullying situations, reinforcing that they are the first line of defense, allows them to have positive direction in knowing how to get involved. Oftentimes children are not sure what to do in the moment they see bullying, and sometimes doing nothing is the easiest answer. I teach kids to learn what different situations they may encounter and then help them to role play to learn what the different options are.

Seeing mock bullying, and then being able to discuss what the best actions are to take, allows children to respond instead of react when it really counts.

Bully Buster and CAP (Child Abduction Prevention) Class

In and out of school, I encourage adults to facilitate group activities to encourage bystanders to develop positive relationships with potential victims, increasing the chances that they will be upstanders if a bullying situation arises. With appropriate instruction and guidance bystanders can be empowered to take an active role in preventing bullying from occurring and to report bullying to adults when it does take place, becoming upstanders.

By teaching tools and phrases that upstanders can use to intervene when they witness bullying, my workshop gives practical concepts to help kids understand the role and importance of being an upstander. July 24th, Dana Point. Since inception, Great Opportunities has been providing under privileged kids the opportunity to see their potential and understand that they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves.

We are excited to reach out to community groups and non-profits like Great Opportunities to help teach kids practical anti-bullying skills.

Bully Busters | Karate Independence

The workshop covered information for the kids as well as for the event supervisors. As adults, we may feel uncertain about how to handle bullying when we see or hear it happening. It is important for adults to know how to best handle on the spot situations because if the situation is not handled appropriately, we could end up inadvertently promoting, rather than reducing, bullying. Let students know that bullying is unacceptable and the rules e. It can be very uncomfortable to be questioned in front of other students. Let his or her teachers know what happened so that they may provide additional support and protection.

Increase supervision to assure that the bullying is not repeated and does not escalate.

If they did not act, or if they responded in aggressive ways, encourage them to take a more active or prosocial role next time e. Do not require children to apologize or make amends during the heat of the moment everyone should have time to cool off. All consequences should be logical and connected to the offense. As a first step, you might take away social opportunities e.

Let children who bully know that you will be watching them and their friends closely to be sure that there is no retaliation. Notify colleagues or other supervisors. Instead, encourage the student who bullied to make amends in a way after follow-up with an adult that would be meaningful for the child who was bullied.

To accomplish these objectives, a supervisor can hold a meeting in which children come up with rules for appropriate behaviors, which we did today at the beach during lunch. Rules should be limited in number no more than and be framed in positive terms that is, stating what students should do instead of what they should avoid doing.

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Here are several sample rules:. Then it is important to tell the group that when you see examples of bullying occurring, you plan to intervene to keep the location a safe and friendly place to learn. Is cyberbullying a problem? Check out WordBully from Iconosys.

What makes a bully?

Designed to provide practical, straight forward advice for parents and children on how to handle various bullying and cyber-bullying situations, it is a must read. Laid out in an easy to use format, this book answers frequently asked questions with proven solutions. Also included is a bonus section for kids with 12 easy tips to becoming Bully Proof! All I ask is that you give some feedback on the seller sites after you have had a chance to look it over! I am a new author, and really want the world to know what others think about the book!

Hopefully you will find the book helpful and will give good or great feedback! An alarming percentage of young people encounter bullying at one time or another during their early school years. There are many research groups that publish the latest statistics, and estimates range from 10 percent who report being victims of severe acts to 75 percent who have reported at least one incident of bullying during the past year.

The fact that bullying is so common does not change the fact that it can and does cause serious harm both physically and mentally to children across the nation. The National Education Association estimates that , students are absent from school every day simply to avoid being bullied. The facts of the matter are that children are being victimized, and as a Nation, we need to aggressively look to educate ourselves on the matter, working together towards solutions.

Information is the start of education, and through education and practice we can learn to stand up to and stop bullying. This resource guide is complete with a section just for kids, and a detailed breakdown of my Bully Buster form that I have developed and teach to thousands of kids through my Bully Buster Workshops!

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If you know of others who would be interested in this book, please let them know about it, as I can only issue it for free for a limited amount of time. They can use the same coupon code EY86D. I would love for you to come and check it out, and spread the word to others who may have children! The workshop builds confidence and gives practical self-defense skills, it is a great workshop for all kids! As president of the National Association of Attorneys General last year, Washington's Christine Gregoire commissioned a study that found that young people are five times more likely to be victims of violent crime than those over age 35, and that 7 percent of all high school students annually are injured or threatened with a weapon on school property.

Maine Attorney General Andrew Ketterer, having found that seriously violent incidents at schools were usually preceded by years of low- level harassment, has created "civil rights teams" at more than schools to engage in anti-hate education. In , the Connecticut legislature passed a law that allows courts to force students who threaten or commit violence to attend prevention workshops.

The bill in Washington State, however, has foundered for four years because critics insist it will erode local control over schools. Some conservatives have also opposed the measure because it would give particular protection to gay and lesbian students. McAuliffe has deleted provisions that make reference to protecting specific groups from her latest bill.

Three American cities have now banned the use of facial recognition technology in local government amid concerns it's inaccurate and biased. The state is drawing inspiration from the gambling industry to get cannabis businesses access to banks. This website uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant information. Bully Busters Some places are getting tough on harassment in the schoolyard.

Ending Bullying One Bully at a Time

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