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I wonder if it is a situation where you just have to manually clean the data. It sounds as if the multiple column sorting won't give you the result you want now. One thing that I am finding is that all the columns have to be the same size in order for the system to sort. Sorry for the delayed reply. As you mentioned, I tried many times with the multiple column sorting. But, it doesn't work. Column C has data. But, only 1 to 5 Disorganized. Now if I try to sort out the data by using multiple column method, it is not sorting out all the columns either largest to smallest or vice-versa.

Is there any other way? And also, as I mentioned earlier discussion, I'm getting blank cells between rows. Since there is value or data in the blank cells. Hello, I want to sort description column from A to z.

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However the problem it is all cells of different alignment. There is a huge amount of data that i will need to align in one order for the filter to work. I tried using the alignment tab to get all the data in the column to be in same alignment. I have a spreadsheet that appears to contain two different kind of data.

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Same exact columns and rows but obviously the later spreadsheet was saved differently. Now the spreadsheet doesn't alphabetize the data from the newer data into the original spreadsheet. How can I get the new data implemented with the old data? Hi, I have a spreadsheet of guest names and table numbers for an event For the first row, for example it says: Mr.

D2 says the number attending the event, and E2 has their table number, F2 will have a personal note on the guest How can arrange the names alphabetically according to last name , and ensure their information follows? Thank you in advance,. Highlight all the cells you want included in the sorting, so from A2 down to the last cell in Column F. Then, when you sort by Last Name Column C, all the rows will stay intact.

Hi, I have situation here, I have multiple words in the same cell in excel. I need to arrange them into Alphabetical Order A-Z in the same cell. What should be the formula for the same? Please help Me in this. Hi, First of all, I would place each word into an individual cell by applying any of the following tools: Excel's 'Text to Columns' or Ablebits' 'Split Text'.

Then I would follow Svetlana Cheusheva's advice on 'How to alphabetize each row individually in Excel' please see the article above. You could always put the words back into one cell with the help of 'Merge Cells' — one more tool offered by Ablebits' 'Ultimate Suite'.

My problem is the column I want alphabetized e. My list has a name, contact number. The remarks have a more than a one liner. The names were alphabetized but the other data corresponding to that name did not move. Please help. Thank you. Thing is in the Column A I already have a formula which give me who has attended the event or blank for people who did not. How can i fix this? How should I modify this to work? Great tutorial but it is not working for me. MY students have a cemetery database in excel that has about rows and 12 columns.

The first two columns are last name, first name. It was working several months ago but now, the last name sorts but the first name doesn't. So for all of the last names "Adams".

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It sorted the first names alphabetically for the first 10 or so, but then incorrectly sorted the next first names. I don't know what went wrong. We had no trouble with multi-level sorting the data by other headings, like Section, Row, and Grave number. That worked perfectly. But the last name first name multi-level sort is not working. We are getting things like: Adams Anita G. Adams Raymond Adams Kim C.

Thank you for your feedback!

Eugene W Sr. Adams Addie W. Help would be greatly appreciated. It's hard to say what is causing this without seeing the actual data. Unexpected sorting issues sometimes occur in shared workbooks, please check this.

Also, you can trying clearing all formatting in the problematic columns. If neither helps, then you can send us a sample worksheet support ablebits. E-mail not published. How to alphabetize in Excel Fastest way to alphabetize column in Excel Sort alphabetically and keep rows intact Filter and alphabetize Sort alphabetically by multiple columns Put rows in alphabetical order Problems with alphabetical sort in Excel Excel alphabetical order with formulas How to alphabetize by last name Alphabetize each row individually Sort each column alphabetically How to alphabetize in Excel Overall, there are 3 main ways to sort alphabetically in Excel: A-Z or Z-A button, the Sort feature, and filter.

How to sort a column alphabetically The fastest way to sort alphabetically in Excel is this: Select any cell in the column you want to sort. After you've done sorting and before you do anything else, take a close look at the results. If something looks wrong, click the Undo button to restore the original order. If the first dropdown is showing column letters instead of headings, tick off the My data has headers box.

If you are sorting by multiple columns with the same criteria, click Copy Level instead of Add Level. In this case, you will only have to choose a different column in the first box. Important note! The above formula works with a couple of caveats: your source data should not contain empty cells or duplicate values. April 23, at am. Denis says:. April 23, at pm.

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MartinElisy says:. April 26, at pm. May 1, at am. Svetlana Cheusheva Ablebits.

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Hi Sachin, You can download our sample workbook that contains all the formulas discussed in this tutorial and try them on your data. Sivakumar says:. May 25, at am.

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Hi, I want to sort out nearly columns and in all the columns rows number is differ. You have my sympathy. I was sorting out all the columns into A to Z format by manually selecting the individual columns. I tried multiple columns sort out, not coming properly. As i mentioned, lot of blank rows in between. Sivakumar: When you sort each column individually, are all the blank cells together? Have you checked to be certain they are empty? They may contain spaces, breaks or other non-printing characters. I was thinking about your situation yesterday.

I wonder if it is a situation where you just have to manually clean the data.