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Record du monde du saut en hauteur

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Up for Love / Un homme à la hauteur (2016) - Teaser (French)

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We already have this email. Her eyebrows as pointedly arched as a gothic window, framing the hood of her lids, the downcast blade of her lashes. This is the celebrated Bacall look. On screen and in still images her face is often half obscured by the shadows cast by those phenomenal cheekbones, or by her liking for a three-quarter profile shot.

And that fits the modern sense of the unattainability of stars of her era. Bacall knew her angles, played her shadows. On her face, endless fantasies about the Hollywood golden era have been posited. But these are delusional. When she made her debut, opposite Bogart, she found, as she later wrote in her autobiography, that keeping her chin down and looking up was the only way to stop herself shaking. Nancy Hawks helped teach her what to wear. The studio styled her to look worldly at The fact is, in youth she can exercise much more creative freedom than Bacall could.

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